One down, plenty to go.

One down, plenty to go.

Nassau County Executive-Elect Laura Curran is already adhering to her many campaign promises. She does not take office until January 1st, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking care of one her most prominent campaign promise.

Last week, Newsday reported that Laura Curran contacted the outgoing executive Ed Mangano to ask him to keep her name off all the signs in the county when they are replaced after the inauguration.

As she said many times during the campaign, this was not a problem in itself, but it is a symptom of the broader issue of corruption in government. These signs were no more than taxpayer-funded campaign signs. It’s all about the name recognition in a local campaign.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “It’s morning again in America.” Well, it’s morning again in Nassau County. After years of corruption, we have honesty and integrity in government once again. I am thrilled to see honest leadership.


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