Democratic Party signs are vandalized

Democratic Party signs are vandalized

This past week, there was a coordinated effort by Republicans to print stickers with the word Republican to place over Democratic Party signs about corruption. This had to be preplanned because the sticker is exact size to cover the word Democratic on the signs. This election is becoming increasingly dirty by the day.


The Republicans have been doing something new and dirty just about every day, be it ripping signs down (Joseph Saladino), Posting stickers on signs and defacing them with spray paint (Currently unknown), or hanging large signs on town property illegally (Jack Martins)


Whether or not these politicians are behind these coordinated dirty tricks is irrelevant. I call on every single Republican politician to condemn the vandalism of Democratic party signs.


When I reached out to Marc Herman and the rest of the Oyster Bay Democratic slate, he told me “It just shows their level of desperation”



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