Saladino accused of removing signs illegally.

Saladino accused of removing signs illegally.

Ted Phillips article “Oyster Bay Supervisor accused of removing signs placed by Dems” is just another article detailing Joseph Saladino and his unethical practices. Stealing signs from the other party is not only unethical, but it is illegal.


Saladino has been refusing to play by the rules of elections. He has also been spending tax payer money on mailers for the town that are in reality campaign mailers. (He is currently being sued for this.)


If this is how he is running a campaign and the town in the short period of time that he has been supervisor, do you trust him to run the town? The irony is, the signs that he and other town employees stole said “Had enough corruption? Vote Democrat November 7th.” He has proved his own corrupt tendencies by committing these acts and must be voted out in November.


The fact that he continues to remain silent and dodging reporters requests for comments on the issue shows that he knew it was wrong when he did it and just hoped he wouldn’t get caught. Enough is enough. We the tax-payers have suffered enough. It’s time for change.



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