The Case to Bring Your Kids to Vote

The Case to Bring Your Kids to Vote

The day was November 2nd, 2004. The country headed to the polls to vote in the Presidential election between John Kerry and President George W. Bush. When my dad headed to vote, he took me with him. He even let me pull the lever for the candidates that he chose.


I encourage everyone that has young kids to bring their kids with them when they vote. As you probably already know, we have incredibly low turnouts for all elections. The 2016 election garnered approximately 58% of registered voters. In local elections, it’s even lower than that.


From talking to friends and family members, I have found that people are more likely to vote if they were brought to the polls as kids. If you train your kids that voting is a fun activity, they are more likely to do it when they grow up.


If you are scared to bring your kids to vote because you don’t know the rules, look no further than this excellent article by Cafemom Here. 


I encourage you to take it one step further, when debates for local and federal elections are on, encourage your kids to watch them. Teach them about political issues and get them excited. Politics only works if everyone participates, so let’s show them how much fun participating can be as early as possible. Who knows, you might be teaching policy to a future politician.


No matter what party you are registered with, voting is important. Your voice needs to be heard no matter what your opinion. Make sure to get out and vote in your local elections this year, they are as important if not more than the Presidency. Their policies will directly affect you every single day.


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