The Upcoming Democratic Primary

The Upcoming Democratic Primary

Dear Nassau County Democrats,


This coming Tuesday is the democratic primary for County Executive as well as numerous legislature seats. As far as the County Executive race, I think there is a clear choice.


You have 2 options in this primary. Laura Curran, a life-long Democrat with a reputation of putting constituents over party, or George Maragos. Up until last year, George Maragos was a Republican that ran as Ed Mangano’s comptroller twice and attempted to unseat both Senator Schumer and Senator Gillibrand unsuccessfully.


Just a few years ago, George Maragos equated same sex marriage to marrying your pets. His job over the past 2 terms has been to check the counties finances for irregularities. Obviously, he wasn’t very good at his job as you can see through the numerous indictments.


For some of us, we have to choose between Arnie Drucker and Lew Yevoli for our legislature and again I think the choice is clear. Lew Yevoli just last year attended a Trump rally and endorsed Peter King for Congress. He has donated money to John Venditto and currently works for the town. While he may have been a Democrat as supervisor 20 years ago, he has abandoned the party and became part of the corrupt Nassau machine.


I encourage all of you that have the time this weekend to volunteer with Laura Curran and other democrats to get out the vote and bring this primary to a victory. If you aren’t able to volunteer, just don’t forget to vote on Tuesday. Polls are open from 6 AM to 9 PM



-Jared Goerke


P.S. for more about Laura Curran visit




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