Laura Curran is the ONLY choice for Nassau County

Dear Nassau County residents,

I am a college sophomore and have spent my whole life in Nassau County. While talking with friends and family, all of whom have lived in Nassau County for decades, they stated their annual taxes are now more than the initial purchase price of their homes. Over the past few years, Nassau County’s tax rate has gone up dramatically, possibly due in part to the rampant corruption therein. I know that I speak for many of my peers when I say that at this rate, we won’t be able to afford to remain in Nassau County.

And for what? When I saw the criminal indictments of Mangano and Venditto, I was outraged knowing it was because they were taking advantage of Nassau County taxpayers to benefit themselves. It was yet another case of politicians forgetting that they work for us, not the other way around.

I fully support the idea of paying my fair share of taxes because government programs and public services need funding. Right now though we are not getting our fair share for what we pay for with our taxes. That money is instead going toward no-show jobs for friends of the current Mangano administration and bloated no bid contracts. Just looking out of my window at the road in front of my house, I see potholes that have been there as long as I can remember.

George Maragos, the current county Comptroller and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for County Executive has repeatedly stated that the County’s finances are in good shape. If you look deeper into the finances, however, we are borrowing money to keep it that way. At this rate, the County may go bankrupt. He even has the audacity to count borrowed money a surplus – we don’t need another double speaking County Executive.

Laura Curran, however, another Democratic candidate for County Executive, has pitched a different idea. She wants to hire an Independent Inspector General who would oversee the County contracting system,  and have the Ethics Board rewrite the procedures for Nassau County. She wants to take the money that has been going towards these no show jobs and bloated contracts and redirect them to our infrastructure and other programs that should have been supported in the first place. Curran is also looking to stimulate jobs and businesses in Nassau County. She feels that by strengthening the County’s economy, we can rely less on tax money to continue necessary programs.

I also like that Curran is not beholden to a political party. She has never been afraid to speak up for what she feels is right. On numerous occasions, she’s worked with her colleagues across the aisle, including to end the hiring freeze for the police. Her record is very promising and I am confident that, as County Executive Laura Curran will represent us, the taxpayers, and not big donors or her party. We as a County should not and cannot settle for more of the same.

-Jared GoerkeLaura Curran Logo


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