Saladino Uses Unity Rally to Divide

Saladino Uses Unity Rally to Divide

Dear Oyster Bay residents,


Last week, Supervisor Saladino spoke along with many others at the Plainview Mid Island Y during a “Break the Hate” rally. In a time that our country needs unity to combat the rise of hate, he chooses to yet again to divide us.


Outlined in Monday’s Newsday article “Supervisor’s comments at rally under fire” Ted Phillips showed the events. As a Jew in America, I am horrified at the events that we saw in Charlottesville. These events should not be used for political gain by either party.


By using this platform to state that “political opponents come forth and just continue to spew hate.” They engage in “name calling . . . finger pointing . . . accusations” he has proven to be complicit in the rise of hate. In a time that the parties came together to unify against hate, he has divided us proving yet again that he is not fit for this office. (Newsday Article “Supervisor’s Comments at rally under fire”)


It is obvious that after the fact, he realized the damage he had caused. We cannot allow him to backtrack and pretend that these statements were never made. We need to hold him accountable.

-Jared Goerke


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